Classroom Strategies to Improve Learning for ALL Students

We know that the greatest gains in learning are associated with formative—not summative—assessment. However, the attention of students, parents, many educators, and of course, the media, remains on summative scores and grades. In this edWebinar, Damian Cooper presents the rock-solid case for raising the profile of assessment for learning.

He also reviews the essential elements of assessment that improve learning and illustrate classroom strategies that improve learning for all students. Through a combination of presentation and video clips, Damian examines questions such as:

  • What does effective assessment for learning look like? 
  • How can I engage students and encourage them to take greater responsibility for their own learning?
  • How do I train students to become reliable and effective assessors of their own work and the work of their peers?
  • What does effective feedback look and sound like?

Please share your biggest take away from this webinar in the comments below.

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