Supply List

In this activity students will use fine motor skills to cut, tape and trace their maple leaves. They will then use their fingertips or q-tips to blend their fall colors together to see explore the colors of fall.

Supplies Needed

  1. Printed leaves (free PDF's below)
  2. Black paper (construction or card stock)
  3. Chalk pastels in fall colors
  4. Painters tape
  5. Setting spray (optional)


  1. When printing the maple leaves it will be easier for students to trace if using a heavier weighted paper.
  2. Using painters tape to attach the maple leave to the black paper will allow students to trace the leaf without the paper slipping.
  3. Chalk pastels are messy... you may want to shake them off outside when finished.
  4. You can use a setting spray to spray the finished leaves with. However, I would recommend spraying your leaves outside due to the fumes.

1910 - Autumn Maple Leaf Worksheet - V1_Part1.pdf
1910 - Autumn Maple Leaf Worksheet - V1_Part2.pdf
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