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Note From Your Instructor:


My name is Siobhan Nordstrom, and I am the Community Manager here at FreshGrade. In this course, we are going to taking a deep dive into both the score-based and the standards-based gradebook in FreshGrade Next.

As you move through the course, please make sure that you watch the videos through to completion. This will allow you to progress through the course successfully. At the end of the course as long as you have completed each section, you will be provided with a certificate of completion with clock hours.

I request that as you move through lessons, please make sure that you add comments. I hope that we will be able to learn together through shared experiences. To do so, we need to make sure that we are replying to each-others comments.

I look forward to learning with you!


Siobhan Nordstrom

Community Manager


One of the biggest pieces of learning is the community that we share it with. Let's get to know each other. Please post the following in the comments below:

  1. Where you are located
  2. What is your position / what grades do you teach
  3. Something interesting about you