Creating an Activity in the Gradebook

An Activity can be anything that you want to track and assess. You can create an activity to track reading progress or an activity for social responsibility. 

Step 1: To create an activity, select the 'Gradebook' tab in the top toolbar. Then select 'Create Activity.' 

Step 2: Fill in the following information to create an activity:

  • Activity Title
  • Date
  • Activity Description 
  • Labels
  • Category
  • Objective

Step 3: Choose your assessment tool. You can use a default tool or create your own custom assessment tool.

Step 4: Select your students. You can choose the entire class, or select specific students who will be completing this activity.

Step 5: Press 'Save' to begin assessing students and capturing evidence of student work.

Adding an Activity on an iPad

You can also add an activity using your teacher app on an iPad.

You have lots of options when setting up your activity:

  • Give the activity a title
  • Set a due date
  • Select a category
  • Write a description
  • Add a resource
  • Choose your assessment tool
  • Add your objectives
  • Tag your students