Time Saver: Gradebook Filtering

Any time you create an Activity in your FreshGrade account, your Gradebook will be automatically populated. You will then be able to filter class results by subject, labels, and categories. This information can be printed or exported for your records.

Time Saver: You can save filters to make it simple and easy to track different learning abilities and activities. These reports will be automatically updated, according to their filters with every new activity you create and assess. 

Step 1: Select the grades, subjects, and labels that you would like to filter, and click 'Save Filter.'

Step 2: Add a filter title. This can be anything that helps you remember what the report is tracking. This is also a chance to double check you've selected the right grades, subjects, and labels. Click 'Save' to generate your report.

Step 3: You can find all your saved filters under the Saved Filters tab. View or delete these reports at any time.