Assessing With Ease

There are so many different ways you can assess your student's in FreshGrade. The FreshGrade team has worked hard to make it so that no matter where you are in FreshGrade you can quickly and easily assess your students. This means that no matter if you are in the Gradebook or in a Student's portfolio you can assess or change an assessment.

Changing an Assessment in the Gradebook on Web

You can do it in two different ways:

Option 1: Right in the Gradebook view you can click on any mark you see and change it. Simply click out of the mark to move on to the next student.

Option 2: You can click on the activity title and you will be brought to an assessment screen. Where you can add an assessment, an artifact of learning, or a note all at one time.

Changing an Assessment in the Gradebook on an iPad

Changing an assessment in the Gradebook on the iPad is really simple! All you need to do is tap on the student mark that you would like to assess and then tap to select your mark.

FreshTip: You can quickly assess the whole class by tapping on the arrow to the next student in the bottom left or right-hand side of the Gradebook.

Changing an Assessment in a Students Portfolio

Anywhere you see an assessment in a student's portfolio you can click/tap on it and make a change. This means that no matter if you are on the student's portfolio screen or if you have clicked into a portfolio artifact you can quickly assess your students with no need to navigate away. This also allows you to see the work that a student has uploaded to their portfolio and assess the student right on the same screen.