Assessment Tools

Default Tools

When creating an activity in your gradebook you will need to select an assessment tool. We here at FreshGrade recognize that there are many different assessment practices and have pre-loaded tools to reflect this. FreshGrade has eight default assessment tools you can choose from! Use these tools to help promote individual growth and inform your teaching.

The tools available to you are:

1) Yes/No:

  • This scale does not affect the overall student grade.

2) Max Score:

  • Change the 'out of' number to any score for your activity.
  • You have the freedom to give your students half or bonus marks.

3) Effort Scale:

  • Work habits indicate the student's progress in the areas of attitude and effort.
  • NI - Needs Improvement, I - Improving, S - Satisfactory, E - Excellent. 
  • As this is an effort scale, it does not affect the overall student grade.

4) Point Scales:

  • Point or rating scales are used to evaluate performance assessments.
  • Choose either a 1-3, 1-4, or 1-5 scale.
  • This is an effort scale; it does not affect the overall student grade.

5) Anecdotal Note:

  • Teachers often gather data through conferences, interviews, observations, and other forms of dialogue.
  • Select the 'Anecdotal Note' tool to provide important information about students and their learning.

6) Mastery Scale:

  • To provide support for ongoing instruction and assessment, the Mastery Scale allows you to assess student achievement regarding an objective/standard.
  • There are seven points on this scale (two for each level, except Exceeding Expectations). For example, this would allow you to record whether a student is at the higher or lower end of the 'Meeting Expectations' spectrum.

We recommend that at the start of the year you determine what assessment tool you are going to be using and that you hide all other tools. This will clear up your view for you and also prevent the wrong tool from being selected.

To hide your tools follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click 'Edit Class' in your account settings

Step 2: Click on the tool that you would like to hide and click the check mark next to 'Show in Tools List'

FreshTip: Once a tool is in use you will not be able to make any changes to it including hiding it from your tools list.

FreshTip: The points and anecdotal assessment tools are mandatory for each class and you will not be able to hide these tools

Custom Assessment Tools

With custom assessment tools you can create your own scales to provide quick feedback in a way that suits your teaching style. Each tool can have up to ten customizable mark levels made up of an icon, a text statement, a color, and a point value.

Step 1: To manage your tools navigate to your account settings and click 'Edit' on the class you would like to create a custom assessment tool for.

Step 2: Click 'New Assessment Tool' to get started.

Step 3: Name your tool. Each tool has a name so you can identify it when you're creating activities.

Step 4: Choose your options:

  • Include in Calculations: You can decide if activities using this tool will be included in student reporting or not. Activities using a tool that is excluded from reporting will still display on a student Portfolio, however, the point values will not influence the student's overall average.
  • Show In Tools List: You can decide to show or hide a tool from the assessment tools list to manage which tools are available during activity creation.

FreshTip: Hiding Point Values To hide the calculations for activity or student averages on the Gradebook, make sure that none of the tools you use are set up to 'Include in Reporting'.

Step 5: If you decide to include your tool in your Gradebook calculations you will need to choose your maximum value. Each tool requires a maximum value to provide the denominator for each grade's point value. For example 75 points/100 max value = 75%

Step 6: Now it's time to customize your tool. You are given the following options:

  • Icon: Change the icon for each mark to provide quick visual recognition.
  • Text: Add a text statement to provide a short explanation to go along with the icon.
  • Color: Set a color for the text of each mark statement to customize your feedback.
  • Point Value: Set the point value for each mark to determine how the mark gets calculated on the Gradebook.

FreshTip: Set a point value to exceed the maximum value to give a student bonus points.

FreshTip: By entering '0' for the Maximum Value, any activity using the tool will not be included in the Gradebook calculation.

You can also do this on your iPad. To find out how please check out our help article here.