App Smash with Buncee and FreshGrade

Find out how you can deepen student learning through the use of technology. Join live Monday, April 29, 2019 at 3:30 pm PST.

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In this webinar, Dene Gainey shares how he app smashes, using Buncee and FreshGrade, in his classroom to deepen student learning through the use of technology.

With the creative nature of Buncee student's have the opportunity to show their learning by visualizing concepts and communicating creatively. They can then further the conversation around their learning by uploading it to FreshGrade, reflecting on their work and having that easy conversation between their teacher and parents.

Your Instructor

Dene Gainey
Dene Gainey

Dene Gainey is an educator and lifelong learner from Orlando, FL with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Masters of Education in Instructional Technology and a current doctoral student. Dene has a passion for the C.L.I.M.B.E., celebrating diversity, building community, project-based and problem-based learning as well as the student-driven classroom. Dene recently published his first solo book titled Journey to the ‘Y’ in You which sheds light on the unique journey that we all have as individuals and how it helps to find our “Y." His “one word” that encapsulates his day-to-day role and function in the classroom is “IMPACT.”

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  App Smash with Buncee and FreshGrade
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